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Case Study: Tribevest

How Unit helped Tribevest simplify group investing

What Bridge built with Unit:
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Tribevest is a collaborative, group investment platform that makes it easier for individuals to incorporate, fund, and manage joint investments. Travis Smith, CEO and founder of Tribevest, founded the company as a way to help friends and family simplify group investing and unlock financial freedom. To help achieve this vision, Tribevest partnered with Unit, a banking-as-a-service platform that helps tech companies launch and embed financial features into their product.

How Unit helped Tribevest simplify group investing

The idea for Tribevest was born out of a personal challenge. Smith had always dreamed about real-estate investing and building generational wealth, however, like most individuals, lacked the resources and capital to invest in alternative assets. Smith realized that the key to helping people unlock a wealth of investment opportunities was to make it easier to form small investment groups or “Investor Tribes.”

To help achieve this goal, Tribevest needed a partner and platform that had:

  • Multi-member interest-bearing deposit accounts & card issuing
  • Robust payment APIs that supports various methods for transferring money
  • The ability to provide streamlined compliance and operational support

Smith landed on Unit as the solution because of its robust product roadmap and the team’s strong technical, compliance, and operational support during both integration and post-launch. “We need a banking-as-a-service platform that would allow our members to both deposit funds into a shared business banking account and withdraw funds for distribution or investment,” said Smith. “We designed Tribevest to be a one-stop solution for individuals looking to pool funds and invest together and a seamless business banking experience was critical to our product’s success.”

Unit helped Tribevest simplify group investing

By partnering with Unit, Tribevest is able to offer seamless business banking to its users from day one. Once a Tribe is incorporated, Tribevest automatically creates a business bank account that will give all members of the Tribe the ability to schedule ACH transfers, automate recurring or one-time contributions through their bank, and track and manage their cap table. Tribevest also leverages Unit’s Plaid Exchange integration, to make it even easier for members to connect their Tribevest account to over 5,000 apps and services in the Plaid network.

“To make Tribevest a reality, we were looking for a partner that was fast, reliable, and easy to partner with,” said Smith. “Unit was able to partner with us and help create a migration plan that allowed us to seamlessly migrate from our current sponsor bank to Unit. The integration has been seamless and we’re excited to be able to offer business banking to all our Investor Tribes so they can start investing and building wealth.”

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Tribevest is not a bank. Banking services are provided by Tribevest and Unit’s bank partner, Blue Ridge Bank N.A.; Member FDIC.

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