Introducing our New Guide to Interchange Revenue


The roadmap below covers Unit’s planned releases for the upcoming months, and is updated on the first Tuesday of every month.

To learn more about the Unit platform, explore our features page for existing capabilities, and follow the latest releases by reading the monthly changelog post.

Building Now

Oct ' 21
Check Deposits:
Allow customers to deposit checks by uploading images of the front and back of the check
Oct '21
Add Card to Mobile Wallets:
Allow your customers to add a card to a mobile wallets (Apple / Google / Samsung) with just a tap in your app
Oct ’21
Support Seamless Authentication
Utilize any JWT based authentication
Oct ’21
Python SDK:
Enjoy simplified integration and shorter time to market using Unit’s new Python SDK
Nov ’21
Unit Go:
Experience Unit’s banking platform in a real live environment with Unit Go

Building Next

Q4 '21
Account Funding Using Card:
Support instant account funding by using a bank card
Q4 '21
Send Check Payments:
Allow customers to make payments using physical or digital checks by specifying the amount and recipient
Q1 '22
Accept Card Payment:
Offer your business end customers the ability to receive card payments
Q1 '22
Send to card:
Instantly send payment by specifying the recipient card details
Q1 '22
Originate Same-day ACH:
Support same day ACH  payments
Q1 '22
Send your clients branded physical checkbooks

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