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Trusted by leading Y Combinator companies
“With Unit, we were building our MVP in minutes, and using our app with real funds in the real world. We were able to build a fully functional product in a live environment with confidence that it would work as expected.”
Kevin Cox
Co-founder and Head of Engineering at Savvy
Trusted by leading Y Combinator companies
“Unit’s team is amazing. They worked with us to build a rock-solid onboarding plan on a very tight timeline—and delivered on their promises. The docs are straightforward and the API is solid. As a result, we’re able to build and launch additional products quickly as we scale.”
Cathy Han
CEO at Levro
Trusted by leading Y Combinator companies
"Partnering with Unit has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Because they streamline the compliance and the banking relationship, we can focus on empowering our users to find more earning opportunities to meet their financial goals."
Hantz Févry
Co-Founder and CEO at Stoovo
Trusted by leading Y Combinator companies
"Unit was able to streamline compliance burden and allow us to focus on building a great benefits experience for our end users, not manage compliance and bank relationships"
Jaclyn Chen
Co-Founder and CEO at Benepass
Trusted by leading Y Combinator companies
"Unit helped our team of 10 launch a commercial banking product in under 12 weeks a tenth the cost of other options.”
Aldrin Clement
Co-Founder and CEO at Novel
Trusted by leading Y Combinator companies
"Working with Unit allowed us to focus on what matters most: building an outstanding user experience. They ensured we were meeting all banking and compliance regulations and kept us included in the decision-making process every step of the way."
Matthew Smith
Co-Founder and CEO at MazumaGo
Trusted by leading Y Combinator companies
"Working with the Unit team has been great. They're incredibly receptive to updating and adding API endpoints as our technical needs change."
Kahlil Lalji
Co-Founder and CEO at Ivella

Built to help startups launch and scale

You’ve got a big vision; we’re here to support you. Our suite of financial products is designed to help your startup launch and scale.

The easiest way to offer powerful financial features to your customers

Empower your users by building cards, accounts, payments, and lending products — as easy as plug-and-play.

FDIC-insured checking accounts for individuals and businesses.
High-interchange debit cards, both physical and virtual, with attractive custom designs.
Send and receive ACH, checks, wires, and more. Custom fund flows, instant book transfers.
Cash advance and overdraft, with credit coming soon.

One API to build your entire banking suite

Discover how you can build financial features in minutes with Unit’s powerful API, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-labeled UIs.

The power of an entire platform, built for speed and growth

Grow revenues and delight your customers by building financial features into your product. Unit owns the heavy lifting of compliance and bank relationships so you can build, launch, and grow faster.

Build in minutes, launch in weeks
Build unique features using our suite of APIs, developer tools, and guides to launch in weeks.
Flexible and customizable
Offer unique features and terms that work for your users. Customize the experience with Unit’s flexible API.
Compliance simplified
Unit streamlines compliance so you can make your customers the top priority.
Built for scale
Fast, reliable, and secure platform that is trusted by start-ups, leading brands, and publicly traded companies.

Bring financial features to life and start building — today

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