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Unit’s banking-as-a-service platform lets you embed powerful, custom financial features. Learn how leading consumer brands are using Unit’s flexible API from launch and beyond.

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Use Cases

Discover what you can build with Unit

Unit’s flexible API is a simple integration that enables you to build custom financial features, at speed and scale.

Simple Onboarding

Instantly onboard your customer using our API or white-labeled UI.

Checking Accounts

Offer your customers interest-bearing checking and savings accounts for an individual or multiple customers.

Cash Advance

Add the ability to offer your users cash advance loans based on future earnings. Let your users instantly access their loan via their virtual or physical debit card.

Fee-Free ATM Access

Offer your users fee-free deposits and withdrawals at over 55,000 ATM locations world-wide via our partnership with Allpoints.

Plaid Exchange

Let your customers connect instantly to thousands of apps on the Plaid network using Unit's integration with Plaid Exchange.
Why Unit

The power of an entire platform, built for speed and growth

How Unit Helped Lance Build a Banking App for Freelancers
"We evaluated other APIs and Unit was the easiest to use and fastest to launch. Unit has been a partner from day one and continues to innovate with us as we grow."
- Oona Rokyta, CEO & Co-founder of Lance
How Unit Helped Wethos Empower Freelancers to Grow their Business
"By partnering with Unit, we were able to accelerate our product roadmap by two years and make our dream of giving studios access to embedded banking and real-time profitability tracking a reality.”
- Rachel Renock, CEO & Co-founder of Wethos
How Unit Helped Benepass Deliver a Better Benefits Experience
"Unit was also able to lift the compliance burden off of us and allowed us to focus on building a great benefits experience for our end users, not manage compliance and bank relationships"
- Jacklyn Chen, CEO of Benepass
How Unit Helped Moves Improve the Financial Health of Gig Workers
"Unit acted as a true partner, owning the bank relationship, compliance, and saved us the time, energy, and money we would have had to spend training and building a compliance team ourselves.”
- Matthew Spokes, CEO of Moves
How Unit Helped Tribevest Simplify Group Investing
"Unit was able to partner with us and help create a that allowed us to seamlessly migrate from our current sponsor bank to Unit. The integration has been seamless and we’re excited to be able to offer business banking to all our Investor Tribes so they can start investing and building wealth."
- Travis Smith, CEO at Tribevest

Bring financial features to life and start building — today

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