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Unit is the leading financial infrastructure platform that helps leading tech companies store, move, and lend money. Unlock new revenue streams and delight your customers.

Trusted by leading enterprises, startups, and banks

People and infrastructure you can trust

Unit supports banking for over 1.4 million users, processes over $40 billion in transactions per year, and handles more than 11 million API calls every day.


Unit powers embedded finance for large enterprises and public companies. We ensure that you can build for your entire customer base, no matter the size.


We have proven our ability to support high-growth customers with our multi-bank approach, consistently high availability, fast response times, and global team.


We’ve built an enterprise-grade platform you can trust. We deploy best-in-class practices and tools to maintain security on all levels: infrastructure, product, and within our company.


Compliance is a key driver of our culture and values; it’s a responsibility we take seriously. We work with our bank and technology partners to streamline and enforce compliance.

The easiest way to power modern financial experiences

Unit simplifies compliance, bank partnerships, and technical integration so you can build, launch, and grow faster.

Build in minutes
Get to market quickly and easily using our White-Label UIs, SDKs, integrations, and API.
Compliance simplified
Unit streamlines compliance so you can offer financial services without all of the investment.
Flexible and customizable
Offer unique features and terms that work for your customers. Fully customize the experience with Unit’s flexible API.
Built for scale
Access a fast, reliable, and secure platform that is trusted by start-ups, leading brands, and publicly-traded companies.
Unit banking as a service dashboard example

Launch faster with no-code and low-code solutions

Our powerful platform and easy-to-use tools reduce the time and resources required to embed banking and lending into your product.


Launch with one engineer and one line of code. Our White-Label App is a fully turnkey solution for companies that want to get to market faster, without relying on additional engineering resources.
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Save engineering time with our White-Label Components. Use fully customizable building blocks to embed a banking and lending experience faster without compromising functionality or your brand.
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Designed for scale and growth. Our fully customizable API, SDKs, and third-party integrations allow you to embed innovative financial services with control and flexibility.
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The complete embedded finance platform

Offer your customers cards, accounts, payments, and lending products - as easy as plug-and-play.

Physical & virtual cards

Fully programmable, high-interchange debit and charge cards for individuals and businesses.

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Send and receive ACH, same-day ACH, checks, wires and more. Free, instant, 24/7 book transfers. Custom fund flows.

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Credit cards, cash advances, term loans or revolving loans. Custom terms and repayment flows.

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Build financial services, designed for your audience

Increase revenue per user up to 5x

Building banking and lending with Unit allows you to create a more complete and differentiated product that increases lifetime customer value.

Grow revenue

Generate new revenue through interest on deposits, interchange on card swipes, and more. Increase revenue per user by up to 5x.

Boost retention

Create a stickier product that builds customer loyalty. Customers who bank are retained at a rate 3.5x higher than other users.

Lower acquisition costs

Reduce customer acquisition costs with a more differentiated product. Companies can reduce CAC by 50% by adding financial features.

Improve satisfaction

Create a more useful and differentiated product that your customers will love. Offer them better ways to store, move, and borrow money.

Bring financial features to life and start building — today