Introducing White-Label App: Embed banking and lending with one line of code. Learn more.
Introducing White-Label App: The full power of banking and lending – with one line of code

November 2, 2023

Today we’re excited to announce White-Label App – the fastest and easiest way for software companies to launch branded banking and lending, with one line of code:

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Before today, companies that wanted to offer financial features to their customers had to invest 6-12 months of engineering resources to launch. Unit streamlined the experience earlier this year with the release of our low-code solution, White-Label Components, a suite of customizable building blocks that help companies get to market faster.  

Now, with White-Label App, Unit is the first and only company to offer software companies an even simpler and faster way to embed banking and lending. Our fully built app can be launched with one engineer, in one hour – and it includes complete functionality that took companies like Mercury, Ramp, Chime, and Venmo years to build.

One line of code, optimized experience 

Our White-Label App is built based on the lessons we have learned serving hundreds of customers, from publicly traded companies to high-growth startups. It’s designed to deliver on user experience, user engagement, compliance, and security – out of the box.

Companies can now offer their customers a branded banking and lending experience, while reducing engineering lift and radically accelerating time to market. 

With White-Label App, you get:

  • Customizable and brandable solution. White-Label App appears directly in your product under your brand (domain, logo, colors, and even fonts), ensuring your customers have a cohesive experience. 
  • Seamless updates. As Unit releases new versions, your product will automatically be updated and help you increase adoption, customer satisfaction, and revenue. For example, we plan to offer high-yield savings accounts soon, which will be activated for all your customers automatically.
  • Banking and lending built-in. With White-Label App you avoid the need to develop in-house financial product expertise or use costly product, engineering, and design resources. At the click of a button, your customers will instantly have access to branded bank accounts, physical and virtual cards, lending, ACH payments, wires, checks, ATM access, cash deposits, and more. 
  • Responsive, optimized, and secure. White-Label App is a fully-featured responsive web app optimized for speed and performance. It has been designed to meet industry best-practice standards for security, fraud prevention, and compliance. It includes features such as device fingerprinting, 2FA, and more. 
  • Support for businesses and consumers: White-Label App serves both a business use case and a consumer use case. For example, if you are a Vertical SaaS platform that supports restaurants, you can choose the business solution. If you support employees, you can choose the consumer solution.

Three ways to build with Unit

With today’s launch, Unit allows you to build embedded finance by choosing your preferred option:

  • No-code: White-Label App, our turnkey solution for companies to get to market faster, with no additional engineering resources.
  • Low-code: Embed our building blocks, White-Label Components, in your app quickly and easily. These Components are available for Web, React Native, iOS, and Android. They’ve been successfully adopted by over 100 of our customers to quickly get market validation. 
  • Full-code: Build by interacting directly with our API.
The White-Label Components enabled us to integrate Unit into our existing app in under a month. Many companies promised similarly fast integrations, but only Unit actually delivered. - Matt Pavelle, Piñata, CTO and Co-Founder

Over time, you can choose to switch from less engineering effort to more, after proving out the return on embedded finance. For example, you can initially launch with our White-Label App, and a year later, you can absorb the experience in your product by switching to our low-code or full-code options. You’ll maintain access to the same Unit Org and Unit Dashboard. And your customers will have access to the exact same accounts, cards, and payments.

Stand out and delight your customers 

With White-Label App, you can begin realizing new revenue and delight your customers in weeks, instead of months.

By offering banking and lending services, companies such as Shopify and Square have created a one-stop-shop solution that drives customer loyalty and is differentiated from competition. We have seen companies that offer embedded financial services drive up to 5x revenue per user and reduce customer acquisition costs by 50%. Customers who utilize embedded financial features are also retained at a rate of 6x higher than others and have a 35% higher NPS score.

White-Label App also includes optimal user experiences already built in – including initial account funding with Plaid, card activation, activity filtering, and payment workflows. 

In the coming months, White-Label App customers can expect to see a variety of new features, including charge cards, rewards, availability for mobile, and more.

If you’re interested in implementing White-Label App, please view our guide and contact our Sales Team or your Success Manager.

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November 2, 2023

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