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Give your customers the capital they need

Unit makes it simple to build lending into your product so you can increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Unit platform business banking

Accelerate your business with embedded lending

More than 70% of small businesses say getting financing is one of their most difficult tasks. Offer them a better lending solution to improve your business.

Grow revenue

Generate new revenue through interest on deposits, interchange on card swipes, and more. Increase revenue per user by up to 5x.

Boost retention

Create a stickier product that builds customer loyalty. Customers who bank are retained at a rate 6x higher than other users.

Lower acquisition costs

Reduce customer acquisition costs with a more differentiated product. Companies can reduce CAC by 50% by adding financial features.

Improve satisfaction

Create a more useful and differentiated product that your customers will love. Offer them better ways to store, move, and borrow money.

Offer your customers personalized lending

Give your customers instant access to the capital they need. Choose the lending and financing products that best serve your customers.

Charge Cards

Help customers smooth out cash flows with a credit limit accessible through branded physical and virtual cards.
Excellent for:
Consistent capital needs
Cash flows are irregular

Credit-Building Cards

Help customers build credit with a card that reports activity to credit bureaus, while optimizing repayment and limits for a good report.
Excellent for:
New businesses
Businesses without credit

Instant Payouts

Give customers access to their earned revenue immediately, instead of making them wait days for payouts and settlement.
Excellent for:
Marketplace businesses
Customers with daily payments

Merchant Cash Advance

Allow customers to access their future revenue today, with the ability to pay back over time based on sales.
Excellent for:
One-time capital needs
Consistent revenue

Invoice Factoring

Give customers the funds they need now by providing advance access to future invoice payments.
Excellent for:
Invoiced payments
Consistent payment history

Supply Chain Financing

Give customers the funds they need now by providing funds based on orders received.
Excellent for:
Purchase order based sales
Consistent delivery

Delight your customers

More access
Businesses struggle to get approved for financing. Use your unique data to better understand creditworthiness.
Instant funding
Don’t make customers wait days to get funds. Instantly deliver funds directly to a deposit account or charge card.
Better terms
Proprietary data allows you to better assess risk to offer more capital, better rates, and favorable repayment plans.
Greater convenience
Combine lending with your product to create a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage money, operate, and grow.
Unit banking as a service dashboard example

Launch faster with no-code and low-code solutions

Our powerful platform and easy-to-use tools reduce the time and resources required to embed lending into your product.


Launch with one engineer and one line of code. Our White-Label App is a fully turnkey solution for companies that want to get to market faster, without relying on additional engineering resources.
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Save engineering time with our White-Label Components. Use fully customizable building blocks to embed lending experiences faster, without compromising functionality or your brand.
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Designed for scale and growth. Our fully customizable API, SDKs, and third-party integrations allow you to embed innovative financial services with control and flexibility.
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An end-to-end platform to offer financing

Launching and scaling lending doesn’t have to mean procuring dozens of tools and partners. Unit handles it all so you can focus on your customers.


Easily access the capital, underwriting, and money movement that makes embedded lending work. Fuel your customers' growth without using your balance sheet or taking on additional risk.


Launch quickly with low-code, White-Label Components. Build a fully-custom solution with our API. Use both to optimize for simplicity and flexibility.


We will match you with bank partners that can support your lending program and work with them to streamline compliance so it’s fast and easy for you to get to market.

A complete embedded finance solution

Unit makes it simple to provide your customers with a complete financial solution. Access multiple products and revenue streams from a single platform.


Provide your customers with better banking including checking accounts, debit cards, and a complete set of payment options.


Help your customers grow with access to more capital at better terms. Get everything you need built into the Unit platform.

Nav drives deeper engagement through embedded lending
“When it came to charge cards, Unit was on board to innovate and build what we needed. As a result, our platform is more compelling for new customers and we can better engage with our existing customers going forward.”

- Greg Ott, CEO of Nav
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Outgo creates innovative invoice factoring for freight carriers
“By building factoring into a carrier's bank account, Outgo can respond intelligently, in real time, factoring only what’s needed, and at the lowest possible rate.”

- Mike Bohlander, Mike Bohlander, CTO of Outgo
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How Veryable pays contract laborers within 24 hours of completing a work opportunity
“Unit has been a game changer. Nobody else was able to build what we needed to enable fast payments for the workers on our platform. We plan to build out bill pay, savings, lending, and credit. Unit has a complete feature set that allows us to do everything we want to do.”

- Noah Labhart, CTO of Veryable
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AngelList creates their customers’ financial mission control
“Banking makes every single feature we offer more interesting. With it, our platform functions as financial mission control for our customers. Without it, we’re just another software tool in a big, messy collection of products.”

- Sumukh Sridhara, Product Lead
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Unit AngelList banking as a service integration
Invoice2go banking drives engagement and retention
"When companies come to us, their finances are generally spread out across a handful of tools: bank accounts, spreadsheets, accountants, and different software. Our goal is to give them a single place where they can see all of their money, figure out what they need to do next, and execute on it.”

- Mark Lenhard, CEO of Invoice2go
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Unit helped Invoice2go launch banking product

Bring financial features to life and start building — today