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Customers represent individuals or businesses that you may create financial products for.

You cannot create customer resources directly — they are automatically created once an application is approved.

A customer can be one of BusinessCustomer or IndividualCustomer


We recommend listening to webhooks to be notified when a customer is created. Once you get notified, you may interact immediately with the customer resource to create financial products for them (e.g. deposit accounts).

Authorized Users

Authorized Users represent individuals that have full access to the Customer's financials - they are able to authenticate and create a Customer Token and initiate any activity on behalf of the customer. This feature is used mostly in Business customers and Sole Proprietors, where the customer is a Business that can have multiple individuals managing its financials.


For Individual customers, Authorized users should not be used, except for very specific use cases (e.g. Power of Attorney). Please consult Unit if you plan to use this feature for individuals.