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At Unit, our mission is to make it easy for companies to build financial features – accounts, cards, payments – into their products. We help clients launch these products in a matter of weeks, not months, by keeping things simple and taking 90% of the traditional bank integration burden off your shoulders. As part of our mission to make onboarding as efficient as possible, we have created a set of guides to help clients understand the process and what we require along the way.

Blog & Docs

There are several online resources available to help explain how Unit works, our available features, and what’s on our roadmap:

  • Features: High-level list of the features Unit currently supports
  • Roadmap: High-level roadmap of our planned releases in the upcoming months
  • Changelog: Monthly report on the changes made to our platform in that time
  • Docs: Our technical documentation
  • Newsletter: Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly product and company updates