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Card Issuance Guide

Unit offers a full suite of card solutions with features to help you scale your program and unlock revenue in the form of interchange. Cards are issued through our expanding network of bank partners.

Card Features

  • Debit, Credit and Prepaid card options that cover a wide range of business and consumer use cases
  • Physical cards that are contactless (“tap to pay”) and mobile wallet ready
  • Virtual cards that are available instantly and can be used for online purchases or added to a mobile wallet for in-person transactions
  • Optional ATM access, including optional surcharge-free access through the Allpoint network

Design Options

Logo Card

  • Ship in days. Add your logo to a premium matte black card that is ready to issue in days not weeks
  • No design work required. Just send us your logo!
  • Pay for what you print. Pay only for the cards you issue, with no upfront cost. This is great choice if your card issuance is difficult to forecast or when speed to market is a priority

Ready for a Logo Card?

Here’s what we need.

  • Provide your logo in ai or .eps (vector format)
  • The logo must be solid black with no gradients and will be converted to white by the printer

Note: The logo will be printed in white to contrast with the black card.

Custom Card

  • Full card customization is available, including premium materials such as metal and hybrid options
  • Typical production time is 8-10 weeks but varies based on design and materials
  • Additional manufacturing rates apply. Contact your Customer Success Manager for pricing and order minimums

For more information on the available custom design options, please review our Custom Card & Collateral Design Guide. There you will find Visa brand specifications and the templates needed to complete your design.

Card Creation & Delivery

  • Day 1. Client requests card via Unit API
  • Day 2. Card printer receives card order
  • Day 3. Card printer produces card
  • Day 4. Card printer mails card via USPS or express courier

Note: Contact your Customer Success Manager for delivery options and pricing.

Card Activation & Setup

  • Once the card is delivered, it must be activated prior to use. In most cases, PIN selection is also required
  • Card activation and PIN selection may be integrated into your app or web experience utilizing Unit’s card-management APIs

Cards Billing

Card fees are billed on a monthly basis and include:

  • Issuance fees (per card rate)
  • Postage
  • Expedited shipping and handling charges (if applicable)
  • Returned mail charges

Custom cards and other materials (e.g., inserts and carriers) have upfront manufacturing costs that are in addition to the fees listed above and are billed prior to the start of manufacturing. Programming fees also apply for new or modified custom card packages.

Note: Manufacturing and programming fees do not apply to the Logo Card option. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on cards pricing and billing.

Visa Signature

Visa Signature is an optional premium card program available to Unit credit card customers.

  • Cards feature the prestigious Visa Signature logo

  • Cardholders have access to special benefits that include rewards, insurance and other exclusive perks (check out Visa’s program page for more information)

  • Unit’s customers benefit from increased adoption and spending levels, and will earn higher rates of interchange (tier 2 and above)

Note: Contact your Customer Success Manager for pricing and eligibility requirements.