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Unit partners with a wide range of innovative companies to extend the capabilities of our platform and allow our customers to offer additional features. We work with partners that are easy to integrate, allowing you to get up to speed quickly.

Unit supports three types of partner integrations:

  • Native Integration: Partner functionality is fully integrated into the Unit API.
  • Partner Token: Partners leverage Unit’s Partner API Token token to securely and directly access user-permissioned data on shared customers, simplifying your integration.
  • Manual Integration: Preferred Unit partners with whom you directly contract and integrate.

Our partner integrations cover a range of use cases:

Money Movement

Looking for ways to move money in and out of accounts? Our money movement partners make it easier to offer features like direct deposits, ATM access, international payments, checks, and card-based funding

Account Linking

Account linking partners make it easier to connect your Unit powered bank accounts to bank accounts at other institutions. Easily create counterparties and make your brand discoverable in other financial apps.

Data Transfer

While Unit provides APIs and a Dashboard to access data, our partner integrations make it easier to sync data and access it from within other tools for deeper analysis.


Custom authentication is simple when using JSON web tokens with one of our partner integrations. When using Customer API Tokens Unit will manage two-factor authentication, or you can use one of these solutions to manage it yourself.