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Allow your end customers to instantly fund their deposit account on Unit using a debit card with Tabapay

Decrease your end customer's time-to-first-use by eliminating ACH processing time. Tabapay connects to all major networks to optimize for efficiency and cost.

Customer Experience

  1. Once your end customer has been issued a debit card for their deposit account on Unit, you can prompt them to fund the account with an external debit card.
  2. They'll select an amount and enter their external debit card information like on an ecommerce site.
  3. The funds can then be automatically pushed to their activated Unit debit card. If the transaction is successful, your end customer will see their deposit account funded on Unit immediately.
  4. Your customer may receive a request to provide authentication information (such as an  SMS one-time passcode) from their external debit card issuer by means of 3D Secure verification. If so, your end customer will complete the authentication in your UI.



Unit can help connect you with the Tabapay team. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Please ensure that you have whitelisted VGS's IP addresses for Sandbox/ Production.

Partner Agreements

You will contract Tabapay directly. Tabapay will onboard you as a Merchant. From there, Tabapay and their bank partner will underwrite your Application. To do so you'll need to complete the following:

  • Mutual NDA
  • Merchant Application for purchases and disbursement services
  • Merchant Agreement, including pricing terms


  • Bank Partner: Your bank partner will need to provide Tabapay with an Agency Letter agreeing to let you participate in Tabapay's offering. Unit will facilitate this on your behalf.

Tech Integration

  • End Customer User Interface

    • Tabapay offers a fully customizable, PCI-compliant UI widget to collect the external debit card details. Your customer may need to provide their external debit card postal code to complete AVS verification.

    • To support 3D Secure authentication, you'll need to provide a UI for an end customer to enter their verification information (like a one-time passcode). The verification method may vary per external debit card issuer. 

      • Tabapay supports 3DS through Cardinal Commerce's SDK for iOS and Android, which can be embedded in your experience.
  • Enable Card To Card Payment Using Tabapay

Required Scopecards-write
Timeout (Seconds)5
clientIdstringTabapay client id provided by Tabapay.
tokenstringTabapay token provided by Tabapay.
idempotencyKeystringOptional. See Idempotency.
    curl --request PATCH '' --header 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer $UnitToken' --data-raw '{
"data": {
"type": "tabapay",
"attributes": {
"clientId": "$TabapayClientId",
"token": "$TabapayToken"

Response is a JSON:API document.

200 OK
"data": {
"type": "tabapay",
"id": "21",
"attributes": {
"tabapayAccountId": "wyQKt1d8IULYCFVUT9ir0w"

Testing and Certification

In sandbox, it is very important to test each piece of this product separately. However, it is not possible to fully replicate the live environment flows in the sandbox environment, and test these flows (push to card and account funding) end-to-end.

As such it is required to test the full end to end flow in the live environment prior to launching this product with your full customer base.


  • A CardTransaction transaction will be created on your end customer's deposit account and appear on your Unit Dashboard.
  • The merchant details will populate based on what you specify in the Funding and Disbursement requests to Tabapay as described above.