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Support international transfers to and from deposit accounts on Unit with Currencycloud.

Currencycloud helps Unit clients send and receive funds around the globe. While Unit’s money movement capability focuses on domestic transfers - including ACH and wires - Currencycloud complements this capability with cross-border and multi-currency payments.


Currencycloud has access to many global and local payment systems outside of the US, ensuring high coverage for your end customers with international use cases. Built-in fraud protection and compliance management lowers the risk of international transactions for all. Currencycloud relies on Unit’s onboarding process to eliminate the need to re-authenticate your end customers.

Customer Experience

The below diagram maps out the flow of funds between your end customer's deposit account on Unit and international senders and recipients.

Currencycloud & Unit Flow of Funds

  1. An international sender from Credit Suisse uses your end customer’s Currencycloud account and routing details to send funds via the local payment system or SWIFT into Currencycloud. Currencycloud then initiates a Received ACH credit into your end customer’s deposit account on Unit.
  2. Upon end customer request, your application will call Currencycloud with the information of a desired international recipient at Bank of India to distribute funds first as an Originated ACH credit, which Currencycloud will then distribute to the recipient by local means or SWIFT in the correct currency.
  3. Domestically, deposit accounts on Unit will directly receive funds through ACH or wire.
  4. Similarly, deposit accounts on Unit can directly distribute funds through ACH or wire.



Unit can help connect you with the Currencycloud team. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Tech Integration

  • End Customer User Interface: Your UI will need the ability for end customers to enter Currencycloud account information for any intended international recipients. In order to receive funds, your end customer will need to access and share their own Currencycloud account and routing information.
  • Backend: Review Currencycloud's API Documentation.

Each of your end customers sending and receiving funds internationally will need a sub-account, referred to as a named account, created with Currencycloud and their deposit account on Unit added as a beneficiary.


  • When funds are received via Currencycloud to a deposit account on Unit, the transaction will show as a Received ACH credit for your end customer in your Unit Dashboard
  • When funds are sent out of a deposit account on Unit via Currencycloud, the transaction will be displayed as an Originated ACH credit from your end customer.


You'll work with Currencycloud directly to ensure your implementation meets their certification requirements, some of which we've outlined below:

  • Currencycloud compliance approval on the flow of funds and your business
  • Support and platform training with your Currencycloud Customer Success Manager
  • Conduct end-to-end funds movement testing