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Allow your end-users to accept online payment quickly and easily.

Enable payment acceptance experiences (both online and in-person) and send online payments to deposit accounts on Unit.


Rainforest is an approved partner for clients with Thread Bank. Approval is forthcoming with other Unit bank partners.

Use Case and Benefits

Rainforest enables your platform to offer payments acceptance capabilities to your end customers, without worrying about managing risk or compliance.

Rainforest will onboard customers and manage end-to-end payment flows and monitoring for ease of use.

Payments processed through Rainforest will be sent directly to your customer’s deposit account on Unit. Payments facilitated by Rainforest will be recorded in their ledger.

Unit has streamlined the the Rainforest integration so your end users can more easily complete Rainforest user ("merchant") onboarding easily. By using the Partner Token, you and your end customers can grant Rainforest access to the required user and account data on the back-end to streamline onboarding.


Unit is working with Rainforest to enable instant money movement, so that when your end users receive a payment, the funds settle to their Unit partner bank account balance in real time.

Customer Experience

  • Your end customer will leverage Rainforest to accept card payments for goods or services. Rainforest offers credit and debit card acceptance (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) for both card-present (terminal) and ecommerce solutions.
  • The payment amount will settle directly into your end customer's deposit account on Unit. See Funds Flow section below for more details.


To get started with Rainforest, Unit can connect you with the Rainforest team. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 

Platform & Merchant Onboarding

  • You will work with the Rainforest team to complete onboarding, which involves contracting and due diligence, directly with Rainforest.
  • During platform onboarding, Rainforest will create an API token and share it with Unit (with your approval). The scope of this API key will be limited only to specific resources and essential information that will allow a successful completion of the process.
  • During merchant onboarding, you will pass the Unit accountId to Rainforest to connect the Rainforest merchant account and the Unit bank account. This is so that received funds can be transferred into your Unit account.

Tech Integration

  • Rainforest offers a host of options for creating an embedded payments experience consistent with your platform’s unique needs. The Rainforest team will work closely with you to develop a custom integration plan.
  • Rainforest has a number of embeddable UI components to allow your platform to control the look and feel of the embedded payments experience, while maintaining a relatively light integration lift.
  • For more information, review Rainforest’s API documentation

Platform Eligibility

Rainforest is currently available for select platforms in the United States. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.