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Enable ecommerce experiences and send online payments to deposit accounts on Unit with is a digital payments processor supporting payment methods including credit & debit cards, Paypal and more.


Your end customers can accept online payments for goods or services quickly and easily on popular ecommerce platforms using Checkout's card processing capabilities, with payments directly sent to your end customer's deposit account on Unit. Checkout's integration can handle sensitive information like card details securely so you don't have to.

Customer Experience

  1. Your end customer will leverage Checkout to accept Visa, Mastercard, and other cards as payment for goods or services.
  2. Once a payment method is used successfully, it can be securely saved for future purchases.
  3. The payment amount will settle into your end customer's deposit account on Unit. See Tech Integration below for more details.


Note: Unit can help connect you with the Checkout team. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 

Partner Agreements

  • You'll be onboarded as a Merchant with Checkout by completing their:

    • Merchant Application Form, including required due diligence
    • Global Merchant Services Agreement
  • Unit will assist with due diligence requirements for KYC and BSA/AML

Tech Integration

  • End Customer User Interface: Checkout supports both embedded iFrames for a faster set up time or independently hosted checkout experiences. They will work with you to determine what option best fits the needs of your end customers.

  • Backend: Review Checkout’s API documentation.

  • Checkout Configuration:

    • A batch account will be created for your Unit org to receive funds from Checkout via ACH. The transfer will contain a unique identifier for each of your end customers and their respective funds.
    • Funds will then be book transferred to the specified end customer’s deposit accounts on Unit.