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Hurdlr helps small businesses manage their finances through expense tracking, invoicing, financial reporting, accounting, and tax functionality. Unit’s partnership with Hurdlr allows you to embed Hurdlr’s white-label features into your customer experience and easily pull in the account and transaction activity from all accounts on Unit.


Unit can help connect you with the Hurdlr team. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Available Features

Hurdlr offers both back-end APIs and front-end SDKs to provide the following features:

  1. Expense Tracking - Label expense transactions with business categories as well as tax categories. Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, LLPs, and S Corporations are supported.

  2. Invoicing - Hurdlr can help you create, customize, schedule, and send invoices. They also have integrations with various payment processors, making it easier for your customers to then collect payment for those invoices. Any transactions deposited into Unit will be automatically reconciled to the relevant invoice(s).

  3. Accounting - Hurdlr runs double-entry accounting in the background, automatically populating transactions on an accrual basis in a General Ledger for every transaction that flows through any linked account, including those on Unit.

  4. Financial Reporting - Generate financial reports in various formats (including HTML, PDF, and XLS) for:

    1. Profit & Loss
    2. Income by Business / Client
    3. Expenses by Business / Client / Category
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Cash Flow Statement
    6. Trial Balance
  5. Taxes -  Generate income tax estimates and tax reporting documents such as Schedule C (used by Sole Proprietorships), Form 1065 (used by LLCs and LLPs), and Form 1120-S (used by S Corporations).


Tech Integration

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager at Unit to provide authorization for Hurdlr to access the required data using Unit’s partner token capability. Unit will then configure access for Hurdlr first in Sandbox, and then in Production.

  2. Register the user at Hurdlr.

  3. Associate the Unit customerId with that user at Hurdlr.

    You can then connect to any of Hurdlr’s APIs or implement any of their white-label SDKs, and the required information from Unit accounts will be included. Hurdlr can also pull in activity from non-Unit accounts through their Plaid integration.

End Customer Agreements

Hurdlr will provide language for you to include in your Privacy Policy.

Partner Agreements

You will contract with Hurdlr directly, and take advantage of special rates for Unit customers.