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Unit's partnership with Intuit allows your end customer to access information for deposit and credit accounts on Unit from within Intuit's suite of products, including Quickbooks Online and Mint.


Enable your end customers to manage their balances and expenses for deposit and credit accounts on Unit within the accounting or budgeting products they already use - quickly and easily.

Customer Experience


Check out Quickbook's guide on how to connect a new bank account. Mint uses a very similar process, described here.

  1. The end customer logs into the relevant Intuit product and then selects to connect a new bank account.

  2. Within the Intuit directory, they will search for and select your brand name, and enter the mobile phone number associated with their account.

  3. A verification code will be sent via SMS for your end customer to enter in the Intuit UI to authenticate to their account.

  4. Account information and other transaction data will then automatically be published to Intuit.

    • Mint will pull 90 days of transaction history.
    • For Quickbooks, your end customer can select a timeframe to import.
  5. At any time your end customer can revoke Intuit's access to their account on Unit.



Intuit connectivity is a hands-off integration that Unit facilitates. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to enable Intuit for your organization.

  • Once your end customer authenticates, Intuit will pull their account information directly from Unit.

  • Provide your Customer Success Manager your:

    • Brand name
    • 400px x 400px logo for Intuit's directory
    • Login URL (or n/a if mobile only)
    • Home page URL (or n/a if mobile only)
    • Customer support phone number (if available)

Intuit advises that your logos may take a couple of days to load once the connection is live.

Official Account Name

You may control the way the account name is sent to Intuit.

Unit will assign a name to each account by using the following values (in order of precedence):

  • The officialName tag on the account
  • The purpose tag on the account
  • The depositProduct or creditTerms of the account

In order to control the official account name, set the officialName tag to the name you choose. Please make sure the name is unique (within the same customer). If the name provided is not unique, Unit would add a sequence number as a suffix.

Hiding Accounts

In order to hide an account, set a hide tag on the account to true.