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Knot's Card Switcher is a powerful tool that allows your customers to automatically add their Unit card as the default payment method where they shop - this means more engagement from day one, and more revenue for your institution.

Unit’s partnership with Knot enables you to easily integrate Knot into your user experience, enhancing convenience and security.


Unit can help connect you with the Knot team. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

How It Works

  1. Your end customer receives their physical or virtual card.
  2. They select a merchant in the Knot CardSwitcher experience and enter their login details for that merchant.
  3. Knot fetches the card details in the background, and then updates the card information on file at the selected merchant. Knot will make the Unit card the default card where possible.
  4. The next purchase at that merchant now uses the Unit card.


Knot’s CardSwitcher SDK provides the following benefits:

  1. Accelerated Customer Spend: With just a few lines of code, you can put your card top of wallet and accelerate your customer spend from day 0. Switching sticky recurring spend like subscriptions can drive recurring engagement as well.
  2. Lightning Fast Updates: Knot's Card Switcher updates card information at the merchant quickly and securely, with most updates completing in under 15 seconds.
  3. Customizable User Experience: Knot’s Card Switcher offers a customizable user experience, integrating seamlessly with your brand & preferred styles to optimize for conversions.


Tech Integration

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager at Unit to provide authorization for Knot to access the required data using Unit’s partner token capability for sandbox and production.

  2. Read Knot’s Guide to Cards API to familiarize yourself with the integration process. 

  3. Integrate the SDK based on your preferred environment:

    1. iOS
    2. Android
    3. React Native
    4. Web
    5. Flutter
  4. Provide Knot with your organization's name to generate an On Behalf Token.

  5. Once Knot has your organization's name, Knot will adjust your client configuration and enable the Unit Integration feature. All user data will now be sourced directly from Unit via the Card ID. For the user creation endpoint, please see this documentation.

End Customer Agreements

End customers will agree to the Knot Privacy Policy in the Knot CardSwitcher experience.

Partner Agreements

You will contract with Knot directly, and take advantage of special rates for Unit customers.