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The future of banking for small businesses

Traditional banks are failing America's small businesses. Learn how small-business owners would prefer to manage their finances—and how innovative software companies are helping them do it.

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Hosted by
David Sinsky
VP Lending at Unit
Abbey Lunney
Managing Director of the
Thought Leadership Practice
at The Harris Poll
Greg Ott
CEO at Nav
51 minutes

America's small businesses have reached a tipping point

In this webinar, we explore new research about what's not working, how small-business owners would prefer to manage their money, and how innovative software companies are addressing their pain points.

In July and August of 2022, Unit partnered with The Harris Poll to survey 500 American small-business owners. What we learned surprised even us.

  • 100% of small-business owners find at least one element of their current business banking solution to be unsatisfactory.
  • 84% of small-business owners would be open to getting financial services from providers other than traditional banks.
  • 71% of small-business owners believe they should be able to get a business loan as quickly as they can order something online.

So what are small-business owners looking for in a financial services provider? Their answers were clear: faster access to funds, better financing, and a single platform on which to manage all of their finances. Tune into the webinar to learn more about the research and what’s next for small-business banking.

In the second half of the webinar, we’ll meet four innovative software companies who are stepping up to meet the needs of their small-business customers. Join us to learn what’s next for small-business banking and how to get started.

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