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Empowering companies to achieve more

Unit is building the platform to power the next generation of financial services. Our simple and powerful banking-as-a-service API helps companies launch new banking products in weeks - not years.

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The future of banking as a service

Unit's Dashboard and suite of APIs, SDKs, and white-labeled UIs enables developers to build financial features into their product — cards, accounts, payments, lending, and more.

We provide an all-in-one banking-as-a-service platform

We’ve created the largest set of banking features available combined with our native ledger to build a truly flexible API, with a turnkey Dashboard. We also streamline compliance and have built-in bank relationships so you can make your customers the top priority.

Meet the people powering Unit

Recognized industry leader

Our unique approach to banking-as-a-service has been noticed by industry experts and top publications.

"Unit is an emerging star. Its platform has been thoughtfully designed with compliance in mind, allowing clients to focus on what counts: building great experiences and getting to market faster."

Neal Kapur
Head of Visa Ventures

What it means to work at Unit

Our team is a diverse, globally distributed community of smart, like-minded people bound by a shared goal.

That goal is to build innovative financial tech, and to have an incredible time doing it. We’re proud of what we’ve built, but in reality we’re just getting started.

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Shape the future of financial services with us

We’re all about precise, high-impact decisions. At Unit, you’ll be a key decision maker, helping us map out the landscape for the financial products of tomorrow.

Bring financial features to life and start building — today