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Compliance is built into everything we do

Compliance is a key driver of our culture and values, and is a responsibility that we take seriously. We work closely with our bank and technology partners to streamline and enforce compliance.

Committed leadership

Our bank partners

We rigorously vet our bank partners to ensure that they take compliance as seriously as we do. Partnering with multiple banks allows us to learn from industry leaders and implement best practices across all our partners and customers.

We're also building comprehensive tools that provide our bank partners with deeper insights and oversight into financial products being delivered.

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We work closely with our clients, banks, and technology partners to ensure that end-customers understand the products they're getting and have a great experience.

Maintaining compliance

Our compliance team employs best-in-class tools and processes to enforce that our clients remain compliant.

Policies and procedures

We document the ways in which we operate and continuously execute our procedures to help maintain compliance.

Audits and testing

We are regularly tested by auditors, bank partners, and ourselves—and we extend that process to our customers.

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