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Build banking for freelancers, in minutes

Unit’s banking-as-a-service platform lets you embed powerful, custom financial features. Learn how Unit’s flexible API enables you to quickly build banking for independent, gig economy, and freelance workers.

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Discover what you can build with Unit

Unit’s flexible API is a simple integration that enables you to build custom financial features, at speed and scale.

01. Simple Onboarding for Any Type of Independent Worker

Instantly onboard individuals, sole proprietors, or business customers using either our white-labeled UI or API endpoint.
Freelance banking application

02. Check Deposits

Allow your users to deposit checks by uploading images of the front and back of the check using a dedicated SDK and API.
mobile cheque deposit API for freelance platform example

03. Cash Advance

Add the ability to offer cash advance loans based on future earnings. Let users instantly access their loan via their virtual or physical debit card.
Cash advance platform for freelancers

04. Send & Receive Payments

Build in a seamless way for your users to send and receive real-time book payments, ACH, wires, batch payments, and cross-border transactions. Use our Plaid integration to further reduce friction and risk.
Real time ACH payment platform for freelancers

05. Plaid Exchange

Let your users connect instantly to thousands of apps on the Plaid network using Unit's integration with Plaid Exchange.

07. Quickbooks

Enable your customers to easily connect their banking to Quickbooks to pull in transaction, balance, and account information for better bookkeeping.
Connect freelancer bank account to Intuit Quickbooks
How Unit helped Moves improve the financial health of gig workers
“Unit acted as a true partner, streamlining the bank relationship and compliance, which saved us the time, energy, and money we would have had to spend training and building a compliance team ourselves.”
- Matthew Spoke, CEO of Moves
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How Unit helped Wethos empower freelancers to grow their business
"By partnering with Unit, we were able to accelerate our product roadmap by two years and make our dream of giving studios access to embedded banking and real-time profitability tracking a reality.”
- Rachel Renock, CEO & Co-founder of Wethos
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Unit helps Veryable pay contract laborers within 24 hours of completing a work opportunity
“Unit has been a game changer. Nobody else was able to build what we needed.”
- Noah Labhart, CTO of Veryable
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How Unit helps AngelList become their customers’ financial mission control
“Banking makes every single feature we offer more interesting. With it, our platform functions as financial mission control for our customers. Without it, we’re just another software tool in a big, messy collection of products.”
- Sumukh Sridhara, Product Lead
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Unit AngelList banking as a service integration
How Unit helps Outgo simplify financial management for domestic freight carriers
“What stood out about Unit was the full-featured nature of the API. A lot of the more nuanced use cases and scenarios we required—other providers couldn’t cover them.”
-  Mike Bohlander, CTO of Outgo
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