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Product Demo

Launch Embedded Banking and Lending Faster with White-Label UIs

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It's never been easier to build banking to generate new revenue streams. Watch as we show you how to get to market quickly with minimal engineering resources.

Hosted by
Yoav Schatzberg
Head of Solutions Engineering
Sai Broder
Senior Product Manager
50 minutes
Recording date
March 2, 2023

Launch Embedded Banking and Lending Faster with White-Label UIs

Join Unit's Head of Solutions Engineering, Yoav Schatzberg, and Senior Product Manager, Sai Broder, for a product demo on White-Label UIs. Learn how leading brands are utilizing White-Label Components to build fully-branded banking front-ends and get to market faster. We walk you through exactly how you can use our customizable components to save engineering resources, while building a responsive and optimized front-end experience.

What you can expect to take away from this product demo:
  • Benefits of using White-Label Components to build banking and lending experiences
  • What White-Label Components are available
  • How to build banking and lending across platforms
  • How to customize the look, feel, and behavior of your experience
  • What is next on the product roadmap

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