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Announcing Our New White-Labeled UI for Applications – Onboard New End-Customers Even Faster

July 28, 2021

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Application Forms (docs), our new white-labeled UI designed to help you launch faster and give time back to developers.

The new Application Form is a fully-customizable front-end experience that Unit clients can now use to onboard end-customers: individuals, sole proprietors, and businesses. Unit clients will now be able to get to market even faster by streamlining the application process with a responsive, conversion-optimized, and compliant application UI.

Customize the Experience to Match Your Brand

The Application Form is available immediately in our sandbox and production environments, and can be white-labeled to create a fully branded and seamless application experience – without building the UI from scratch. Unit clients can access and customize the new Application Form directly in the Unit Dashboard and edit the CSS to match their logo, icons, colors, and brand.

Designed to Increase Conversion, Reduce Friction, & Prevent Fraud

Clients who choose to use Unit’s Application Form will be able to rely on it for phone number verification and fraud prevention.

In addition, we’ve designed it to help increase conversion in two ways:

  1. Non-documentary process: like the Applications API that powers it, the Application Form defaults to a non-documentary process. Most applications will be approved without any documentation requirements in less than 5 seconds. In the few cases that documents are required to complete an application, the form will include an additional step to request them (docs).
  2. Pre-fill option: when creating an Application Form, you can pre-fill it with known information about your end-customer (docs), limiting the amount of information they will need to enter.

In the coming months, we will be announcing additional developer tools, SDKs in additional languages (see our Node.js SDK), and white-labeled UIs to help you build on Unit even faster without compromising flexibility. To stay up to date on Unit’s roadmap and upcoming product news, subscribe to our Newsletter.

If you would like to understand how the Unit Application Form can help you build faster, get started by signing up for sandbox or booking a demo.

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July 28, 2021

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