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Introducing White-Label UIs: Launch Embedded Banking and Lending Faster to Drive New Revenue

January 31, 2023

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Today we’re excited to announce White-Label User Interfaces (UIs), the fastest and easiest way for companies to build and launch an embedded banking and lending experience.

Designing and building an optimized and secure frontend experience is still complicated and time consuming. White-Label UIs are a suite of customizable Components and Apps that will significantly shorten time to market and minimize engineering investment, while still providing complete flexibility and control. Each Component and App is optimized for performance, speed, security, and compliance across mobile and desktop (guide). 

Easily Build and Customize Your Banking & Lending Frontend

Components are building blocks that allow you to easily build and control aspects of your banking and lending frontend. You can choose to use all or some of the Components to customize the look, feel, and behavior of your app to align with your brand across Web, React Native, iOS, and Android. Each Component has been designed to meet industry best-practice standards for security and fraud prevention.

“We chose to use Unit’s Business Banking Application Form Component to launch fast. The high-quality design, easy integration, coupled with built-in fraud detection made this choice a no-brainer to seamlessly onboard customers while reducing risk on our side.”
- Mathias Korder, CEO, Baselane

Accelerate Time to Market

Unit has worked with hundreds of companies, from leading startups to publicly traded companies, to help accelerate time to market, drive new revenue, reduce CAC, and increase LTV. We’ve drawn from this experience as we built our frontend Components to significantly reduce the technology lift required to embed financial features. Our Application Form Component has been used by over 50% of our customers to immediately launch secure and low-fraud onboarding experiences.

“Unit’s Application Form Component saved our engineering team significant time and allowed us to focus on building other important features for our customers. The implementation was simple—we customized the application to match our brand and began using it immediately.”
- Greg Ott, CEO, Nav

Today we are releasing the first set of Components, specifically for Web, that will help you build card management, activity streams, account management, and payment experiences.

 The Components available for Web include: 

  • Card Component. Allow customers to see and manage their various cards. Actions include activation, freezing/unfreezing, and more. 
  • Activity Component. Display a transaction activity stream on an account or card level. 
  • Account Component. Give customers the ability to manage their account information, view balances, and generate statements.
  • Payments Component. Enable money movement between accounts, initially through free and instant fund transfers between two accounts under the same organization.

We are also considering a White-Label App which we imagine could be a fully turnkey solution for companies that want to go to market even faster, without relying on additional engineering resources. Companies could simply add their branding to a prebuilt frontend. We welcome your feedback on what you would like to see built as part of a White-Label App. 

The suite of Components for Web, React Native, iOS, and Android will be available in the first half of the year. We invite you to follow along our roadmap for updates.

If you’re interested in implementing the first set of Components, view our live product demo, guide, and Component preview page. Or, get started by signing up for sandbox or booking a demo.

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January 31, 2023

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