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Build banking and lending for businesses, in minutes

Unit’s embedded finance platform makes it simple to create powerful financial products. Learn how innovative tech companies are unlocking revenue and delighting customers.

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Unit’s all-in-one platform makes it simple to build personalized financial features, at speed and scale.

01. Expense Tracking and Management

Instantly onboard your business customers and offer real-time expense tracking and management capabilities.
B2B expense management front end example

02. Charge Cards

Give your customers access to the capital they need to grow their business with terms and limits that you can customize.
Charge cards

03. Merchant Cash Advance

Add the ability to offer business cash advance based on revenues. Let your users instantly access their capital via their bank account and cards.
B2B cash advance lending platform example

04. Check Deposits

Allow your users to deposit checks by uploading images of the front and back of the check using a dedicated SDK and API.
Mobile cheque deposit API example

05. Send & Receive Payments

Build in a seamless way for your users to send and receive real-time book payments, ACH, wires, batch payments, and cross-border transactions. Use our Plaid integration to further reduce friction and risk.
Real time ACH payment platform front end

06. Plaid Exchange

Let your users connect instantly to thousands of apps on the Plaid network using Unit's integration with Plaid Exchange.
Connect bank accounts with Plaid Exchange

07. Quickbooks

Enable your customers to easily connect their banking to Quickbooks to pull in transaction, balance, and account information for better bookkeeping.
Connect bank accounts with Intuit Quickbooks

Build banking and lending that businesses love

Financial services aren't one-size-fits-all. Businesses want a product that meets their needs. 84% of small businesses are open to getting their financial services from a tech company or business software tool.

Greater convenience

Combine business and finance operations in a single solution. 67% of small businesses are unsatisfied with how their current bank connects to software tools.

Tailored services

Build the unique banking features your customers need. 41% of small businesses say traditional banking isn’t tailored to their needs.

Better terms

Offer financial services with fewer fees, better interest rates, and higher rewards. 70% of small businesses can’t get the financing they need.

Faster payouts

Make funds available instantly, not in 5 days. 40% of small businesses are unsatisfied with how long it takes funds to become available.

How Unit helps AngelList become their customers’ financial mission control
“Banking makes every single feature we offer more interesting. With it, our platform functions as financial mission control for our customers. Without it, we’re just another software tool in a big, messy collection of products.”
- Sumukh Sridhara, Product Lead
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How Unit helped Invoice2go launch banking products that drive engagement and retention
"When companies come to us, their finances are generally spread out across a handful of tools: bank accounts, spreadsheets, accountants, and different software. Our goal is to give them a single place where they can see all of their money, figure out what they need to do next, and execute on it.”
- Mark Lenhard, CEO of Invoice2go
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Unit helped Invoice2go launch banking product
Unit helps Veryable pay contract laborers within 24 hours of completing a work opportunity
“Unit has been a game changer. Nobody else was able to build what we needed.”
- Noah Labhart, CTO of Veryable
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How Unit helped Baselane build an all-in-one platform to manage rental property finances
“We spoke with five different banking-as-a-service providers. Unit was the only one who could build what we needed.”
- Mathias Korder, CEO of Baselane
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How Unit helps Outgo simplify financial management for domestic freight carriers
“Embedded banking was the natural next step for us. It improved the experience for our customers while unlocking better economics for our business.”
- Heath Silverman, VP Product, Retail at Roofstock
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