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How do companies make money from embedded finance?

Last updated:

March 5, 2024

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Embedded finance can be a great way to drive acquisition, engagement, and retention. But what’s most appealing for many companies is the revenue it generates. (article continues below)

There are five ways you can  make money from embedded finance. If you’re looking for a way to estimate what you could earn, check out our revenue calculator or our full revenue projection tool.

  • Deposit fees. When your customers keep a balance in their branded bank accounts, you earn interest on those deposits.
  • Interchange. When your customers make card purchases, you earn a fixed percentage of each transaction. 
  • Payment fees. It’s possible to charge your customers for certain payment types, especially those that offer enhanced speed (e.g., wire transfers, instant payouts, push-to-card).
  • Lending and financing. Embedded lending and financing options have the potential to generate the largest revenue streams within embedded banking. 
  • SaaS tiers. Some platforms charge their customers a fee to access premium features like embedded banking.
Originally published:
July 17, 2023

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