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How To Build

Start simply and increase flexibility as you grow. Unit makes it easy to quickly build, test, prove, and launch to customers. And allows you to implement greater control and flexibility once you have started to achieve success.

Launch faster with no-code and low-code solutions

Our powerful platform and easy-to-use tools reduce the time and resources required to embed banking and lending into your product.


Launch with one engineer and one line of code. Our White-Label App is a fully turnkey solution for companies that want to get to market faster, without relying on additional engineering resources.
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Save engineering time with our White-Label Components. Use fully customizable building blocks to embed a banking and lending experience faster without compromising functionality or your brand.
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Designed for scale and growth. Our fully customizable API, SDKs, and third-party integrations allow you to embed innovative financial services with control and flexibility.
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Bring financial features to life and start building — today