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The easiest and most complete embedded finance platform

Learn why more companies choose Unit over Stripe to build banking and lending. Compare the Unit platform to Stripe Treasury, Stripe Issuing, and Stripe Capital.

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financial infrastructure

We help you succeed with better financial services for your customers because embedded banking and lending is our sole focus.

Easiest way to build

Unit makes it simple to launch, scale, and own banking and lending products. We simplify bank partnerships, compliance, and technology.

A more complete product

Create a better experience and more value for your customers with a more complete set of financial features, including critical integrations.

Your dedicated partner

Our team of experts provides enterprise-level partnership across all aspects of your program, no additional cost or service contract required.

The most complete platform for you and your customers

Unit is the only platform that combines simplicity with a robust feature set. Build faster and launch more features that your customers love.


Create interest-bearing deposit accounts for consumers, businesses, and freelancers. Unit gives more flexibility and control to support more use cases.


Build a better card program with customizable rewards, debit and charge cards, multiple card options, and industry-leading card controls.


Enable your customers to move money, however they need. Access the most robust set of payment features available to build banking that gets adopted.


Give your customers the capital they need, beyond loans. Factoring, cash advance, charge cards, and more help you create mutual growth.

White-Label UIs

Get to market faster and save engineering resources with our exclusive, customizable White-Label Components.

Customer support

We're full service, not self-service. Get 24/7 access to a team of experts, a dedicated account manager, and one-on-one onboarding.




Individual Accounts

Joint Accounts

Unique Account Numbers

Customizable Interest

Tax Advantaged Spending

Tax Management

Business Accounts

Multiple Accounts per Customer


Debit Cards

Customizable Cash Back

Charge Cards

Physical Cards

Virtual Cards

Programmatic Authorization

Mobile Wallet Support

Custom Designs

Accountless Cards


Book Payments

Direct Deposit

ATM Access

Cash Deposit

Instant Funding

International Payments

Early Payment Access

Recurring Payments

Check Writing

Send Checks

Customizable Terms

Customizable Limits

Customizable Settlement Times


Same-Day ACH

Wire Transfers

ATM Withdrawals

Check Deposit




Charge Cards

Self-Funded Charge Cards

Bank-Funded Charge Cards

Third-Party-Funded Charge Cards

Custom Underwriting

Cash Advance

Business Loans


Multiple Bank Partner Support

One-on-one Onboarding


Bank Relationships




Developer Tools

White-Label UIs


Data Transfer

Partner Ecosystem




Customer Tokens


Sensitive Data Bypass


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Simplest way to build
financial features

Our powerful platform and easy-to-use tools reduce the time and resources required to embed banking and lending into your product.

Launch quickly with pre-built frontends

Save engineering time with our White-Label UIs. Use fully customizable building blocks to embed financial features faster while still controlling the look and feel of your brand.
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Fully customize with our API

Designed for developers. Powerful APIs, SDKs, and third-party integrations that allow you to build innovative financial solutions with greater control and flexibility.
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Built on multiple banks

Unit has multiple bank partners to provide the fastest time-to-market, with the most complete set of banking features, and the most reliable infrastructure.

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Extend Unit’s functionality

Our approach is to play well with others. We provide built-in integrations with the most popular solutions so that you can create a more complete financial product for your customers.

People and infrastructure you can trust

Unit supports banking for more than 1 million users, processes more than $4 billion in payments per year, and handles more than 300 million API calls every month.


Unit powers embedded finance for large enterprises and public companies. We ensure that you’re able to build for your entire customer base, no matter the size.


We have proven our ability to support high-growth customers with our consistently high availability, fast response times, dedicated communication channels, and global team.


We’ve built an enterprise-grade platform you can trust. We deploy best-in-class practices and tools to maintain security on all levels: infrastructure, product, and within our company.


Compliance is a key driver of our culture and values, and is a responsibility we take seriously. We work with our bank and technology partners to streamline and enforce compliance.

How Unit helps AngelList become their customers’ financial mission control
“Banking makes every single feature we offer more interesting. With it, our platform functions as financial mission control for our customers. Without it, we’re just another software tool in a big, messy collection of products.”
- Sumukh Sridhara, Product Lead
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Unit AngelList banking as a service integration
How Unit helped Invoice2go launch banking products that drive engagement and retention
"When companies come to us, their finances are generally spread out across a handful of tools: bank accounts, spreadsheets, accountants, and different software. Our goal is to give them a single place where they can see all of their money, figure out what they need to do next, and execute on it.”
- Mark Lenhard, CEO of Invoice2go
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Unit helped Invoice2go launch banking product
Unit helps Veryable pay contract laborers within 24 hours of completing a work opportunity
“Unit has been a game changer. Nobody else was able to build what we needed.”
- Noah Labhart, CTO of Veryable
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How Unit helped Benepass deliver a better benefits experience
“Unit enabled us to operationalize on day one. They do much of the heavy lifting so we can focus on our customers.”
- Heath Silverman, VP Product, Retail at Roofstock
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How Unit helped Moves improve the financial health of gig workers
“When it came to charge cards, Unit was on board to innovate and build what we needed. As a result, our platform is more compelling for new customers, and we can better engage with our existing customers.”
- Greg Ott, CEO of Nav
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